Simply put, it was the best year of my life….

In 2011, I made a promise to be kinder and gentler, to reach out more to people and allow my feelings to show. I feel like, as I assess the year that was, those qualities allowed me to grow as an individual and therefore allowed me to move past the old me; but, it’s time to evolve from last years me. I’m considerate, and patient, and I’m loving, and a pretty good friend… But, to all those that know me, the two-word combination they would never use to describe me are Kind & Gentle. I’m super nice, but, I am never gonna be warm and fuzzy… I’m just not that person, and, as I tried to force that upon people, it came across many times as disingenuous. And, I want to be as genuine as possible.

2011 was an exercise in branding and rebranding.


But, at the end of the day, I love the simplicity of Aldanzo Pratt. I love the idea of being who I am. And, I love great color usage.

I feel like returning to the person I’ve always been… The guy who was just humble, though slightly brash, who was always there for his friends and was always thinking.

I’m moving forward. I’m always moving forward, but, for this year, I want to be Incredible. For the first time in years, I’m capable of thinking straight. There’s a clarity that comes with no longer worrying about sickness. I can now go full days and weeks and never think about my illness.

My Resolution: If there is a resolution I’d like to have for 2012 it would be to eat more Taco Bell.. It’s weird… I had Taco Bell for the first time in 6 years the other day… Oh how I missed it!! It was my first true fast food love as a child.

Good Times…