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Of late, I’ve been working on trying to build applications for my those around me, be it, a marketing strategy for the Statewide Youth For Christ Conference, or a management and organization plan for the giving at The Park. But, most of all, I’ve been looking more at the ideas of productivity and time management and how they play together. In this sense, I’ve begun working on my own set of items I use in everyday life. Some are rather complex, while others are very basic in nature. Either way, I began looking at how the systems could work for me when planning out the worship service.

The first items i’ve decided to create are very simple in nature; a song service planner, and a minister sermon log. Both represent very critical process that can be broken down into rather simple task-planning.

The Song Service Planner is a 2-up document that can be printed and sliced in half. I wanted something that I could use for both morning and evening service, and so 2 just worked well. I’m currently working on a variation of the form that will allow for greater variety in planning the song service and will also allow for options during the service [think: 3 options for communion, etc.]. I wanted something that I could slip into the song book or my bible and I included the date for archiving purposes [you may like to revisit the same set 3 months from now].

The Sermon Log is pretty self explanatory. I just think it would be a good thing for a minister to know exactly what he preached, and when he preached it. Nothing special here, a bare-bones document for tracking subjects.

  • [download#1#nohits] – The Song Service Planner. version 1.0.
  • [download#2#nohits] – Ministers Sermon Log. version 1.0

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