Thoughts from 30

  • My sister is always gonna play matchmaker – She’s my sister. Her plan is always to go find the most awesome, impossibly gorgeous woman she can find and try to get me to muster up the courage to ask her out. Never quite works out that way – i’m always gonna be a shy guy – but, I love her for trying.
  • Life is better when you don’t have to worry about your health – 30 was the first time in what felt like forever that I consistently felt healthy. I try to jog everyday, and try to eat healthier, but, most of all… I don’t get stressed out. It’s a recent idea that I’m now kinda laid back. I just want to experience the goodness of life. I know i’ll never be the carefree type like my sister, but slowly i’m becoming the grand optimist that the rest of my family is.
  • If a snack comes in a variety of flavors, I’m gonna want all the flavors… It’s that simple.

  • End of relationships don’t equal the end of the world – I’m still alive. And Happy. The End.
  • It’s OK to be different – There was a time when I felt like an outsider because I felt so different from other guys I saw. I was never a girl chaser, I’ve never had playboy aspirations, I’ve never referred to a girl as shawty, thick, fine, or any of those other terms… It’s just not who I am. And, you feel strange when you see women respond favorably to that sort of behavior and not to what you’re presenting… Until you finally meet women who actually like guys who are going to treat them with respect. I like those women. A lot.
  • On that note…

  • I’ll never understand dysfunctional relationships and why people remain in them. I can’t relate to the desire to yell and argue constantly; It’s not something I’d like to engage in. I’m not into yelling, and I’ve never been. I can’t understand how people argue and fight everyday and call it love. I’ll never understand how women allow men to degrade them and they simply stay. I’ll never understand why guys try to ruin the self-esteem of the women they’re dating. It’ll never make sense to me.
  • My thoughts are extremely lucid when being recorded with my Magic Pen – Never fails. I turn on that little blue light and the thoughts begin to flow. Haven’t quite rationalized the correlation between the pen usage and ability to write, but, it happens that way..

  • Birthday kisses are the best kisses – I’ll miss this the most on my birthday. Life is awesome, but, let’s be honest… A Kiss from a beautiful girl is inherently better than a kiss from your mom.
  • I’m glad that Taco Bell is a part of my life again

  • You’ve only truly moved on when you no longer seek vindication – I can still remember that May morning in 2008… It still stands as the only time in my life outside of the chickenpox in 5th grade that I failed to attend worship service. Even 4 years earlier after I had a blood transfusion the day before and was insanely weak, I still found a way to muster up the energy to make it out to serve the Lord. And yet, my body and mind and spirit couldn’t take it, and, I laid in bed and refused to attend worship. It was during that morning that I contemplated for approximately 8 minutes how I might just leave the church altogether because I felt like everything I had come to know and believe was false. Having essentially been withdrawn from by-proxy, No one at the congregation spoke to me or looked in my direction, or shook my hand for 8 months.

    So, this past month, when My sister came to me and told me that The minister sent his sincerest apologies to me for that situation, it was fine.

    I can recall my father joking as to whether I felt vindicated. He knew every detail about the whole ordeal. My reply, a simple “Nah, I’ve been over that”.

    It was done years ago. I don’t harbor any ill-will towards anyone for that situation. I know that God allowed me to go through that situation to test my spirit as well as to show forth an example to the other members that, in standing up for yourself, there may be some persecution, but, in the end, you’ll get through it.

All in all, 30 was Awesome… Here’s to hoping 31 is EPIC!

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