The Stars

This is what it’s all about. The Four Christian Stars!

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  • Tavairy Williams used to sing with the young group named "The Four Christian Stars" back in the days. But since then, he has just become a bum who lies, cheats, steals and gets women pregnant. He has been court-ordered again to pay child support for a child he fathered. This is the second- the first was with a high-school girl. The message of this Christian music obviously is not sinking in with "Tee". Doesn't he know that fathering children and not supporting them will produce children like him – BUMS. Shouldn't Tee stop telling people he is a Federal Government Criminal Investigator when he is really a rent-a-cop? That's insulting to real Federal employees who actually pay their bills and are productive members of society. Instead Tee lives on hand-outs from women, getting them pregnant and not supporting them. On top of that, he doesn't pay his rent and writes bad checks. Not very Christian like. What would Jesus Christ do (WWJCD?)- He'd pay his bills and quit being a BUM!! Write Tee at and tell him to 1) PAY HIS BILLS 2) QUIT BOUNCING CHECKS 3) QUIT LIEING 4) QUIT WOMANIZING 5) BE A REAL MAN AND TAKE CARE OF HIS BABIES and 6) QUIT PRETENDING TO BE A REAL CHRISTIAN.

  • The above is all incorrect. Please remove it.

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