The Papa Smurf Effect

Okay, before you think i’ve gone crazy, hear me out. I’ve been looking at the whole plethora of prognosticators who would have me to believe that This election is closer than I, you, or anybody thinks. Now, I know people are talking a lot about the Bradley Effect, named for Tom Bradley, the African-American politician who lost the 1982 governors race despite being ahead in all the polls leading up to election, but, I just don’t see that happening this year. Instead, I think the following possibility could occur, The Papa Smurf Effect. According to, well, me, I explain the Papa Smurf Effect as such;

The Idea that each individual voter would forsake voting due to their belief that the one running will have an overwhelming response otherwise.

In laymans terms, People take it for granted that their one vote won’t be missed in the grand scheme of things, and so they don’t vote. Only problem is, everybody else thinks the same thing, and so, no one votes. It happened to Papa Smurf when I was a kid, and It can happen to Obama.

Now, In Papa Smurf’s case, there was simply reelection and Papa Smurf was rightfully given his spot among the others Smurfs. But, if there is a Papa Smurf Effect with Obama, he won’t be so lucky.

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