The Church in the United States, Part 1

Recently, I picked up my outline for my Griffin Lake project and after reading it, decided that I should do some more substantial research to have a better grasp on what I looking to do. I am looking to develop a model of efficiency within the local church setting and for this I needed a better grasp on information about the Church of Christ in the United States of America. Now, with any research done, you’d hope that there would be a data set easily accessible for use for educational purposes, and so, who better to consult but 21st Century Christian, the official publisher and retailer of all things Church of Christ. Alas…

No raw data is available for download, which means that any information I’d look to receive would have to be extracted from the data presented in the form of .pdf outputs from the CD.


I figured out a while back that what I really wanted to do was be able to develop a better set of information, and while i’ve been working on building a much stronger set of information, I have finally gotten all of the data I need.
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The Struggle, Part 1

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