Sunday School – February 12

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Opening Thought – Consider this; there are moments where we might feel like there is no one to turn to; no one to lean on. We might feel at times like we are misunderstood and that no one truly reciprocates the love, affection and attention we so willingly provide to others. These are All fair views, but remember, we are never alone. Though not always readily present, there are always those who care. more importantly though, someone needs us. A key to discipleship is us realizing that in being a blessing to others, we receive our blessing. in life, we are called to be the quality of friend we desire to have. If we will humble ourselves and regard others as being worthy of our best attitude, the Lord is certain to bless us with those who appreciate and cherish our friendship and will, without reservation, treat us as we should be treated. Want friends? Be friendly.

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How Do We Love Each Other? – Richmond Church of Christ, Richmond KY
South Holland church of Christ – Love 8/17/2013

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