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Consider this; until we know, we’ll simply wander, unable to find any real peace and stability. We must take the time to know truth. And, when we know, we’ll know. And, knowing will mean that doubt will no longer imprison us; nor will discontentment or sorrow, hurt, pain or tragedy. When we finally know truth, we can then be free from jealousy and envy, choosing instead to focus on the Goodness of The Lord and his mercy given freely to us. And, Because knowing truth increases our sense of self-worth and value, when we possess and have applied it to our lives, no one can then fool us into accepting less than what we deserve. take the time to know and be made free.

We’ll spend hours googling information until we feel comfortable with an answer; we’ll hire lawyers to ensure that the fine print doesn’t work against us; we’ll look under the hood and kick the tires; we’ll reach out to experts in an attempt to know more about a subject matter. It is intriguing the extreme amount of time and energy we’ll spend researching the things of this world that we deem important. But, what about our mind and soul? Understand, this is our life; we must take ownership of it. Therefore, it’s time to act accordingly. It’s time to require that the things we profess a belief in are proven. It’s time to hold tighter to the things we know are good in our life and not be easily swayed otherwise. It’s time to be more than hearers; it’s time to investigate. It’s time to wake up and take Care of the things concerning your soul. It’s time to STUDY.

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