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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the planning of the worship service, how that it takes more than a notion to make a service go smoothly. In addition I’ve been looking forward to the day when we would officially begin our quarter and work to actually plan the service ahead of Sunday.

One of the areas i’m always excited about is the song service. I’m in the monthly rotation and so I always feel blessed when it is my opportunity to lead the congregation in song. To this end, I generally like to plan a song service ahead of schedule, which gives me more time to actually find songs that go well together.

I’ve been looking at different solutions for planning the worship service, and also solutions for developing a lineup for song service. I’ve stumbled upon a few software packages that i’ve read about over the years, but I figure, for a congregation of our makeup, there is really not the need to get that far ahead of ourselves with all of the interesting technology out there.

Paper Planning

For some time I’ve been reading David Seah’s productivity blog for insight and have been intrigued by his use of paper in planning, task management, and organization. I’ve been a fan of Franklin Covey since they were FranklinQuest and Covey Leadership Center, so I’ve always been a lover of paper planning products. So, my immediate thought was, why not just create a simple solution for planning a song service involving paper? Simple enough! I’ve been using the solutions for sometime now, even incorporating them into my Field Notes pocket journal. For the time being, I’ve developed a few variants that hopefully will serve as a start to something better as I continue to develop the idea.

First, The Long Sheet is just that, a long form list that allows for more songs to be written down. At first I thought about the idea that no one would ever need to have a listing of 18 songs for one service, but upon second thought, I realize that a.) There is some congregation out there that is probably singing well over 20 songs in each worship service, and b.) Even for those who sing a generally normal amount of songs, the form allows for listing a large selection of hymns thus giving the song leader options in the pulpit. Yeah, I’m going with B.


With the theme of free form planning, I also created a FreeForm Song Service Planner which is meant primarily for events outside of worship service that call for singing. I’ve been thinking that it could actually be used as a set list for a group, but, since I’m in the process of creating a dedicated sheet for groups, I’ll just designate this one for song services only.


And, finally, I just did a simple update on the original Part of Worship form that had the designated parts of worship [communion, collection] as well as the song of invitation and the closing selection.


Note // Actually, I went ahead and included the originals. Have Fun


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