One of my major resolutions this year has been to go to as many concerts/music events as possible. And so, tonight I attended the 33rd annual M.I.C. Kickoff concert at the Golden Heights Church of Christ. Now, The show was scheduled to begin at 6:00pm, but, well….

6:15 pm – Audience is light. Waiting on crowd to file in. I’m thinking that this may be a good show, but i’ll reserve judgment for the post show thoughts.

6:24 pm – Most of the talent is here. Emcee is setting lineups.

6:30 pm – Still waiting on show to begin.

6:35 pm – The soundcheck is concluding. Harvey Jackson is addressing the crowd. 33 years with this concert? Long time running.

6:49 pm – Show is underway! Pete is a tight encee. I am looking forward to the actual singing.

6:51 pm – First up – The 15th street choralaires.


  • He is the great I am
  • I’ll Fly Away
  • God Will Make the Difference in Your Life.
  • One More Sunny Day

7:12 pm – Set concludes

7:13 pm – Revelation set

Set List

  • Something Bout Sunday Morning
  • Matchless Love
  • Walk Around Heaven
  • Anyway you Bless Me Lord

7:33 pm – Set Concludes

7:36 pm – Golden Heights Ensemble

  • Thy Word Is A Lamp Upon My Feet.
  • Ain’t Got Time To Die
  • Lord, I’m Back
  • The Walls Came Tumbling Down
  • I Will Call Upon The Lord
  • Thank You Lord

7:49 pm – Set Concludes

7:53 pm – The Exciting Enchanters


  • Standing In The Need Of Prayer
  • God is Good
  • Lord, If You Don’t Help Us
  • Stand by me, Lord

8:14 pm – Set Concludes

8:15 pm – Literary Recital

8:29 pm – Recital Over // Back to the music

8:30 pm – The Dothanaires


  • It’s In My Heart to Serve The Lord
  • Show Me The Way
  • Singing In The Heavenly Choir
  • On My Way Home (Fix It Jesus)

8:52 pm – Set Concludes

8:54 pm – The True Believers


  • Jesus Took My Burdens Away
  • Roll Jordan Roll
  • You Just Can’t Get By

Post-Show Thoughts: Tonight was a really good show. I liked that every group pretty much stayed within the 20 minute timeframe and that al the groups were appealing. I especially liked Revelation and The Exciting Enchanters. Next up – The Melo-D-Heirs in February.

By the way, You can see photos from the show at Flickr.

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