Selfie Saturday – September 12

Photo Sep 12, 4 20 51 PM Consider this; do we take pride in the things we do? Can people around us say we give our absolute best? Having prayed fervently for the things we currently have, do we now take them for granted, lacking appreciation? If so, it’s fair for the Lord to wonder why He would grant us the spiritual blessings we also say we desire, so we can take them for granted as well. Although we may at times refuse to see it as such, the physical and spiritual matters of life are closely related. Simply put, this is a proving ground. It’s all about stewardship. If we wont appreciate the worldly gifts he bestows, why would the heavenly ones be any different? Remember, The way you do anything is the way you do everything. The Consistency we show is a show of our faith. Therefore, we must strive to give our best in every aspect of life. Faithful – Matthew 25: 19-30

It’s the 37th Saturday of 2015! In this, we should take a moment and ask ourselves, “Is this what I felt 2015 would be like?” If it isn’t, and you’re feeling a little disappointed, remember, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO CHART A NEW COURSE. Life is about assessing where we are and finding a way to move forward based on where we find ourselves. Take the Selfie Saturday Assessment and start mapping out goals and objectives. And, while you’re here, take a moment to check out the Archive of Selfie Saturday Meditations.

Blessed be the name of The Lord.

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