Never Too Busy – Evolve

Day Fourteen-Sixteen: Evolving. (for lack of a better term)

Of late, My days are feeling longer.

It’s not because I’m in any sort of disarray or having a crisis of any sort. From a logistical standpoint, life couldn’t be better right now. I’m working on some great projects, I’m building deeper relationships with my friends, I’m finding my place within the congregation I attend.

My thought processes are lengthening my days as I am continually inundated with ideas.

My days are increasing filled with thoughts of work and of grad school and possibly law school, and church and family, and friends, and how every one of those elements has its very own uniquely meaningful place of existence in my life.

A large part of adulthood is understanding who exactly you are. It’s been a process of self-realization that continues to point me in the direction of design strategist ((It would take too long to explain the work of a design strategist, so, I’ll just say, I make stuff)) as my life’s work.

My past week has been busy with me designing processes for NACAMA and my home congregations youth ministry. I’m working on a new model and revisiting my senior research work on Performance Management at the Local Congregation.

It’s been a good to step away from the challenge, but, I’m back. Ready to finish the challenge.

I'm Zo. Disciple. Lefty. Communications Strategist. Crafter of Messages. Proud Florida Gulf Coast University alum. #MBA. Jude 1:25 | Let's Go Heat!


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