Never Too Busy – Day 31

Day Thirty-One: Create a list of 31 things you’re grateful for.

  • God.
  • Life, Health and Strength… Food, Clothing, and Shelter. – Wait, is that cheating?
  • Peter Earl – At the end of the day, there are very few opinions that matter to me. And, his is the most important. We’re nothing alike, but then, we’re everything alike.

  • My Mom – She’s been my best friend since I was a kid. She knows me better than anyone else in the world, and For that, I’m thankful.
  • Clarity – I see the world differently.
  • Mercaptopurine.
  • My Oncologist and Gastroenterologist – God Only Knows….
  • My Sister – Everyone thinks they have the most awesome sister in the world…..

  • Masterpeace – You never forget your first singing group.
  • Music – Where Would I be without my music?
  • The Blackberry – Never leaves my hand. Rarely lets me down.
  • Corey.
  • Love – So many people use your name in vain… I never will.
  • True Lime – It’s ridiculous the amount of True Lemon and Lime I consume.

  • Cartoons.
  • The lasting memories of Devin, Demetrius, B-Swago, B, Big L, Buddy Lee, Toya, Mo, Heathafa, Meems, Red, Mekia, Brit, Quentin, Tavie, Lorenzo, Adam, Chivas, & Larry – To being a teen and never going anywhere unless we were 20+ deep. In retrospect, we were a rowdy bunch of kids.
  • Clients who pay on time. – No, not net-30… net today..
  • I am grateful for Krispy Kreme; Especially during banana cake doughnut season.

  • People who get the pronunciation of my name right on the first try.
  • Jam Sessions when I get together with old friends
  • Singing – …..I long for a song group to join.
  • Random text messages from friends.
  • The Ability to PRAY.
  • The Beach – I’ve come to love the beach. There are some evenings when it serves as my place of refuge from the world. I can go and sit and think and process.
  • My analytical Mind
  • My creative spirit.
  • Tavairy, Boone, Mont, & Shane – With them, I saw most of the country by the time I was 13.

  • Peace of Mind – No longer worry about death.. I No longer fear it.
  • SDW – Perhaps once in a lifetime you meet someone who is so unlike anyone you’ve ever known and it makes you wonder where they came from. She taught me to enjoy the moment. I’m forever grateful.
  • Hope.
  • Remission.

I'm Zo. Disciple. Lefty. Communications Strategist. Crafter of Messages. Proud Florida Gulf Coast University alum. #MBA. Jude 1:25 | Let's Go Heat!


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