Day Nineteen: Play a board game.

It was just one year ago…

It’s amazing how, if you stop and take a look back, you can see just how much you’ve evolved over a short period of time. It was exactly one year ago that I sat up late at night and wondered whether I should take the plunge and enter my first relationship (not counting my 41-day dating fiasco when I was 17). So, I made the move; and, thus began the seismic shift in my life. Since that time last year, I’ve had a ton of firsts:

  1. Got A Blockbuster Card (after everyone shifted to redbox and netflix).
  2. Rented a movie…. you would think 1 & 2 would go together, but they don’t.
  3. Watched a scary movie.
  4. Went to the beach.
  5. Went swimming in a pool.
  6. Drank a slushie.
  7. Played a board game. ((I think I played Chutes and Ladders one time in Speech in the 5th grade))

There are many other firsts, but, I digress…

I find it amazing that I find some sense of accomplishment in finally having performed activities that maybe all 13-year-olds have done. But, I’ve always been different. And, part of being different is living in your own little world. And, living in your own little world means having a filter that allows you to block out the desire to do any of those things. But, I ended up with a girl who was all about doing those very things for fun. She introduced those activities to me and I ended up enjoying myself. She made it fun. And, In the process, I came to wonder how I’d ever gone without doing those things before.

A year ago, board games wouldn’t have been a priority to me on any level. It was just the way my life was configured. But, there’s a certain simplistic beauty and a genuine joy in letting go for a few minutes and relaxing. It didn’t matter to me if I won or lost, the fact that my mind was far away from everything else and centered on the game was enough for me. I enjoyed cheating at Monopoly, I loved talking trash during Phase 10. It became a part of my being; I came to love game time. I came to long for it on days I wasn’t able to play.

I’m constantly telling people that I’m not wired like other guys. Good, bad, or indifferent; I’ve ALWAYS operated in my own little space. That it took me 30 years before I watched a horror movie or played Monopoly or Candy Land should be proof positive of that fact. But, I continue to learn that it’s the little things that make the journey worth while. I continue to evolve as an person, and in doing so, I grow to understand how much satisfaction can come from simply being near other people.

I recount the days that have passed over the last year….

I never thought I could find such happiness in engaging in simple tasks; going to the beach, popping in a movie, or even just holding a conversation. It’s an enduring feeling; joy. Joy, but also, a feeling that I can’t simply resort back to the old me that was inclined to stress the minor details instead of enjoying the small and ever-present joys of life.

They say it’s the little things. I now believe them.

So, as it rains this morning, and, before I prepare to head out, I’m playing a board game [virtual Monopoly]. And, I’m probably going to play a few others before the day is done. And, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the simplicity of it all and be thankful that someone introduced me to them.

Good Times..