Never Too Busy – Day 18

Day Eighteen: Sell some old stuff/de-clutter.

I’m continually seeking to live a minimalist lifestyle.

It’s a journey involving peaks and valleys and it finds me at various points of accumulation and dispersal.

As I left Ft. Myers in 2009 after 7 years of living there, Everything I had acquired and owned could fit in my car ((2005 Chevy Malibu // Pretty sizable backseat and trunk)).

I’m always seeking to live a rather minimalist lifestyle. It goes back a few years to when I was ill and had nothing but time to lay around all day and look at all of the junk I had acquired over my life. A large part of me had been infatuated with material excesses and it had gotten to be a really hectic experience to keep track of everything. The purge sometimes is the hardest part. After letting go of game systems and televisions, and computers, I’ve vowed never again to be inclined to live my life by the standard of stuff. Today, I don’t care to have too many possessions; I;m been more inclined to have my essential possessions be quality possessions.

Indeed, I now have a bias towards minimalism. But, minimalism as defined by a need to have all essential items near me at all times, thus, a necessity to consolidate my needs to a very small number of essential items, and further, clearly define for myself the word essential. In my world, the most essential items are the ones I take along with me on a daily basis in my bag.

With that thinking, I’ve gone through periods over the past four or five years where I’ve made adjustments in the type of essentials I need with me at all times.

I’m continuing to reduce the amount of stuff in my life. I’ve given away a lot of my possessions, and I’m planning to devote more time to finding more ways to consolidate. From reorganizing my music and video library on my computer, to digitizing all of my paper.

Less clothes, less junk, less stress.

Good Times..

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