Never Too Busy – Day 12

Day Twelve: Introduce yourself to someone new. Start a conversation with them.


I think it’s the weirdest thing to see people have to attach the word friend to every greeting to the opposite sex these days. It’s, “Hi, Friend!!”, or “How’s it going, friend“, or, my favorite, “I miss you, friend“. It’s weird because, of all the things… for you to take the time to post a message on someone’s wall or send a twitter message or reach out in any way, there’s a direct implication that you all are friends..

I don’t know what it says about our state of affairs that people can’t be cordial without it being mistaken as flirting.

I’m more at ease with the process these days. Guys introduce themselves to each other much different than guys introduce themselves to girls. I think I held an entire conversation the other day on Herman Cain and at the very end, “Bro, what’s your name?”. With girls, I think there’s an inherent need for the exchanging of names at the very beginning of a conversation. I have no clue why, but, it always seems to be, “Excuse me, what’s your name?” somewhere in the first few words exchanged with each other. Lame. I know.

Hey, I like being friendly. I think we all need to be more friendly. But, friendships and meeting people goes sideways when dealing with the opposite sex. For me, it got weird and I stopped reaching out to people via social media for a short while. I think I’m mature enough to handle it, and, the other person is mature enough to handle it, but, it’s always a third part out there… for a while, I swore that the only way I’d be communicating with people was through email or, if need be, the occasional facebook inbox message. Didn’t work out either… There’s something sorta creepy-old-man/stalkerish about sending emails to people you don’t know.. and, for people you do know, well, it’s kinda informal.

So, I’m just back to being Don. Trying to be a gentleman.. Cordial, yet, cautious. And, in an effort to step outside of my comfort zone, am trying to be more social, sans the media. I want to meet new people Face to face.

That being said… I did reach out and introduce myself to someone new… It was weird and awkward [the way all great introductions should be] and it was simple. I’m sure there was nothing about it that said, “Let’s get married”, so, I think we’re good. And, I think I made a new friend. Good Times!

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