Never Too Busy – Day 08

Take a silly picture of yourself and explain how you were feeling at the moment.

I’m feeling silly….

No, I’m feeling blessed beyond measure, so much so that I can take time out to appreciate Silly Photo Challenge day..

This week, I received my diploma from Florida Gulf Coast University. It was exactly 7 years ago TODAY that I lay in the hospital, so sick that I thought I would never get well.. It was 5 years ago that I got too sick to continue on with school, a mere 6 credits away from completion.. And yet, here I am, October 8, 2011, alive and Well, Diploma finally in hand. God is definitely GOOD.

That said, i’m not really into silly photos… It’s not even the silly part of it, as much as it’s the photo part. I HATE taking photos!!! I don’t know why, I just never have been into the practice. My parents home is littered with photos of My parents and my sister… Me? There are 8 photos of me in the entire house; 5 taken before I was in Middle school, and the other 3 from my Senior Photo shoot.

Yeah, I need to change..

Now, Generally, the photo you would get would be this…

And, Of course I didn’t comb my hair… IT’S SATURDAY!!!!

But, I’m remaining faithful to the challenge……

Later Days!

I'm Zo. Disciple. Lefty. Communications Strategist. Crafter of Messages. Proud Florida Gulf Coast University alum. #MBA. Jude 1:25 | Let's Go Heat!

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