Day Five: Read a few chapters from your favorite book or (like me) a book you haven’t completed yet.

I love reading. In fact, it’s one of my favorite activities (along with writing). I have to admit, The Kindle and my iPad have made reading much more convenient for me; My Readernaut account has made me a more organized reader; and, my audible account has made it so that I no longer have to actually read, rather, I can just listen to my books. Yeah, I’m getting lazy like that!!

But, actually, if i’m completely honest, in my everyday life i’m notorious for starting books and never finishing them. In this, I’d consider myself more of a referencer than a hard-core reader. I often read chapters of books, based on whether the chapter title seems interesting to me (weird, right?). But, there are some books that grab my attention and require me to read them over and over and over again. One such book is Strategic Focus by Stephen Tweed. I first read that book as a senior in High school and tend to go back to it ever couple months or so. I love fiction… Monk and Burn Notice are two awesome series of books, even if you’ve never seen the shows. But, for me, I have an affinity for the self-improvement genre of books.

So, let’s see…

In all the books I had to read in college, this is the one that stuck. Maybe it was because three different classes used it as required reading, or, because its message was so genuine and simple to grasp. Either way, I think i’m going to enjoy it and try to apply some level of understanding to my life on this beautiful day.

Later Days..