Never Too Busy – Day 04

Day Four: Research a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about.

Okay, first, some clarity….

Until recently, I’d never done anything just because. Ever. No, really. Since I was a little kid, I’d always been serious. Like, the type of serious where your parents have to make you go out and do stuff beside study.. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard from my parents, “Hey, lighten up, it’s not that serious. You’re young, you should be having fun.” My life has always been about precision and accuracy. I mean, I had a life plan that was direct, and that plan had very little room for flower smelling. So, in an effort to change, my first thought on this particular challenge: Ok, Miss Lucy, I think i’m up to this challenge.. I mean, Information is my life. Once again, really. It’s my actual job to be an on-demand knowledge base. After a while it just becomes second nature, a certain requisite necessity to need to know something about EVERYTHING. But, in a world where everything becomes increasing academic, and learning is no longer fun as much as it is requisite, a challenge like this one allows me to take a moment from learning-for-cause and actually find something that piques my interest just for the sake of enjoyment.

To be honest, there’s something quite refreshing about delving into subject matter that has absolutely nothing to do with work, or ministry, or school, or anything else.. And, in an effort to stop and enjoy more of the life that i’m building for myself, I decided to study…… wait for it……. Garageband!.

^^ Yeah, that’s a screenshot of my masterpiece in production =)

Why Garageband? Well, in that effort to stop and smell the roses along the path to eternity, I decided that I want to actually record that album i’ve been writing in my head since I was a teenager. I figure I could do some of my practice work on my iPad and then put down the actual tracks at a studio. So, along with Garageband, I did research on music production and songwriting and mixing. It really was one of those chain-referencing moments where one thing led to another.

Granted… After a full afternoon of researching and reading and testing out techniques, I have to admit, I still have no clue what i’m doing.. but, that’s not really the point as much as is the idea of stepping outside of the insanity of working and thinking and project management and into the enjoyment of just learning for the sake of enlightenment.

Good Times

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