Never Too Busy – Day 02

Day 2 – Clean Up Your Room

I love my apartment. It’s absolutely gorgeous; hardwood floors, marble counter tops, stainless steel appliances…. And, it STAYS CLEAN ALL THE TIME!!!

Why? Well, I don’t stay there much. I’ve had the apartment since I moved back to the east coast in July, 2009. I stayed there until January, 2010 when I moved back in with my parents while I was going back and forth to the doctor.. I stayed with my parents until October of last year, when I started dating, and, I figured that since I was in remission and able to date, I may as well move back to my apartment. In that relationship, it served as our fortress of solitude, a place where we could listen to music, and talk, and sing, and play phase 10 and Monopoly, and Crash Bandicoot, and watch The Princess and The Frog 10 zillion times; and now, it just feels empty. Plus, I have a very intense love/hate relationship with being by myself. I can remember being alone all day sick out of my mind and wishing I could have someone near me, and so, I have a sort of traumatic feeling about being completely alone.. Yet, on the flip side, my greatest peace generally comes when I can simply be in my apartment alone playing a video game or watching a movie or, as I generally do most of the time, writing.

So, Yeah, I’ve cleaned my room at my parents house that I occupy most days.. and, I figure someday, when I’m a little more at ease with being by myself, I’ll return on a full-time basis… Or, Move to Atlanta.

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