Never too busy – Day 01

Hat Tip to Sepia for pointing out this challenge on her blog..

Life is interesting like that… I’ve spent a lifetime people watching; it was an activity that I often found solace in when I was a kid; I would spend so much time just observing the mannerisms of people and writing about them. I spent so much time doing this, in fact, that there were many days I did more observing than actual living. But, I’ve come to learn a lot about people and myself in return… For me, I love to observe people at church. There’s something about the worship atmosphere that brings out a certain genuine spirit of people… When we find ourselves in the crowd, it’s easy to be ourselves. There are so many people who simply go with the flow in the worship service.. It’s funny, really. Anyway, Today, two young ladies in their early twenties got baptized at church. They’d been attending for 6 months or so, one of them with her boyfriend, also around the same age.

As the girls prepared to be baptized, I observed the young man, a twenty year old kid with seemingly his entire life in front of him, and I couldn’t help but to look back on my own life up to this point.. I remember being 20 and thinking about all of the things I was going to do by the time I was 30. I couldn’t help but remember myself as a 20 year old kid… How I had plans to finish college, attend law school, meet my dream girl, get married, and go to work at a Washington think tank… But, life, or more specifically, the near loss of life, happens. But, I digress.. Back to the observation..

This guy is clearly in love with his lady, and that makes me insanely happy.. It makes me happy because I know that somewhere there are relationships that are working. It makes me happy because I can see the future of the congregation in those young kids, I’m happy because, in that moment when he was waiting to witness his girlfriend be baptized, you could not have taken the smile off his face. There was genuine pride. And, that was a good GREAT thing.

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