My Early Voting Experience

Today was the day I spent the entire morning trying to vote. It was an awesome experience.

7:56 am – arrival at early voting facility

First thought – Man, it is hot!

Second thought – why didn’t I do the absentee ballot thing.

Actual idea – I am extremely happy I did decide to go the early voting route, as I feel this is going to be one of the most important decisions of my lifetime (possibly). I think this whole thing is funny how everyone – black, white, hispanic, otherwise, are standing in this line, waiting for hours on end in order to vote. Personally, I am looking forward to some change – change from the old ideas of democracy & a remewed sence of class.

But…. Back to the line.

This is absolutely insane.

9:24 am – still in this line. I no longer want to vote. I just want to get off my feet. People are beginning to get restless, though, there is not any unrest here. There is, of course, the obligatory white trash who brought his cooler of beer for the long wait. Then, there’s the lady who obviously knows everything about this election and is trying to tell everyone her views. And, there’s the constant stream of ‘Go Obama’ chants from cars driving by.

9:33 am – Got my voting ticket. Lady informed me that polls in fact open at 10 am. Looks like I was misinformed. Gotta get better information next time. I was thinking that if we would’ve been any later qe would be looking at a 5 hour wait.

9:40 am – Waiting for water peddlers to reach us. I need some refreshment.

9:45 am – important voter literature being handed out. This, of course, is a joke, as all these pieces of information read exactly the same: ‘Vote for me, no new taxes, life can be good again, I am not a Crook!’

10:00 am – And the voting begins. Only another hour and a half wait. There is a guy who is holding up an Obama sign and so now I’ m once again enthused.

Quote of the Morning – “If you aren’t from Broward county, you can’t vote here” – I think we just lost a few people.

10:10 am – Obama pollster handing out free water, McCain pollsters, nothing. I think that pretty much seals it for this overly thirsty crowd.

10:15 am – an abundance of Obama material being handed out. Once again, nothing from McCain.

10:22 am – It’s interesting to see all of these people you never thought would vote, let alone wait to vote, all standing here, with no complaints. In fact, the overwelming thought is that people believe they would be willing to wait for lesser things.

10:30 am – 30 minutes in & the line is moving along pretty steady. My sister brought some snacks, so I can go another hour at least. Contrast this, of course, with the fact that I was in and out of the polling station in 2004 in about 30 minutes. Still, not any complaints.

Wha? Two idiots are walking around trying to hit on the ladies.

11:00 am – 1 full hour in and the line is still steady. I think the wait is getting to people – lots of smoking. One major observation – no one is discussing who they are voting for. I like that, personally. I think we shouldn’t try to intimidate each others over who we happen to vote for. Or, it could simply be that there is an unspoken truth that everyone here is in the Obama camp.

Random thought – I know you have the right to vote, but there are some who just shouldn’t be allowed to ever cast a vote. There are too many people who heavily influenced by buffoonery, and therefore are ineligible.

11:18 am – reached the official point of no campaigning. I can feel the moment approaching where I’ll actually get to cast my vote.

11:47 am – Only 3 more groups and I am in the door!

Quick thought for future voters – Please, no one is in line to hear your life story or thoughts on the economy. Just wait your turn and be quiet.

12:04 pm – I’ve made it to the front door. 4 hours (2 hours in voter time). I can feel the heat (literally) and I am thinking heavily about how to vote.

12:23 pm – My ballot has been cast and I am looking forward now to Tuesday when everything is finally official.

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