More Jesus – Day 1

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

:: Psalms 127:1

Who secures you? We all want SAFETY from The Lord – that feeling that no evil will occur while the power of The Lord surrounds us; this is the Providence of God. He sees to it that His children are taken care of. He did it for the children of Israel and was protective of them even when they turned their back on Him.

SECURITY is something altogether different. Security requires a level of accountability that we often are unwilling to give to The Lord. Security also requires a measure of Trust that all things will work out for us (Romans 8:28). With The Lord securing us, there is a vetting of everyone who enters our life. Even those who will undoubtedly seek to use and abuse you, The Lord has said, “I will allow”, and in this, allow His Glory, Majesty, Dominion and Power to be seen.

We have a problem with security from The Lord because sometimes the people we want to have in our lives are unable to pass the vetting process He has put in place. Therefore, when people reject us, turn their back on us, or simply walk away from us, we should not take it personally. It is simply The Lord confirming to us that He is vetting those around us in an effort to draw us closer to Him.

Those who refuse to submit to the will of The Lord? Well, He is unwilling to secure them. They seemingly receive the people they want; and yet, just as He shows us over and over again, there is no satisfaction in being unequally yoked with those who refuse to believe.

So, ask yourself…. Who is securing me?

Bless The Lord.

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