Heat Journal – 5/82

Heat 99 | 76ers 83

Whoa! Two games with the Heat holding an opponent to 83 points. And a winning record for the Miami Heat. Another big night for D-Wade [33 points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists] and and even bigger night for the psyche of the Heat as they are now sure to gain confidence in themselves and their ability to defeat an opponent down the stretch.

Okay, Chalmers [2 points] and Marion [4 points] didn’t give me much on the night, and the starters spent way too much time on the floor and will probably be spent for their game against the Hornets tonight, but, I still have to say that I am beginning to feel the Heat again.

Just a few points of reference:

  • Our backup guards are beginning to show us something – Both Quinn [15 points] and Cook [10 points] had solid nights, with Deaquan putting up some timely 3’s to seal the game.
  • Miami is a steals machine – The game against the Sixers was 18-8 in favor of the Heat, and Last night the Heat had an 11-2 advantage against the Spurs. This could be a theme, as the Heat have logged more steals than their opponents in every contest so far this year. Key – More steals, more fast break opportunities, more points.

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