Heat Journal – 2/82

Heat 103 | Kings 77

Okay, I will have to disregard this particular game on the count that it is a real blowout. I thought that the team as a whole played extremely well, breakin’ out a can on the Kings on opening night at the triple-A.

The key to tonight’s game is the idea that ultimately the Heat starters only had to play 30 minutes each, which should definitely help in a back-to-back scenario with The Bobcats tomorrow night.

If D-Wade can do what he did tonight in 26 minutes [20 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists], I would have to think that this season is beginning to look like a major turnaround season for my Miami guys. The one sore spot for Wade, and the Heat in general, was Free throw shooting, with Wade going 6-11, and the team as a whole shooting a horrible 59%. Add that to the fact that the Kings went 17-20 (85%), and we lose games like this if they’re close. But, that’s a point I’m sure they’ll look to correct against the Bobcats.

Now, I really do love the bench play. Further, if the bench can be competent night in and night out, then we are almost certain to be a playoff team in ’08.

Beasley…. Well, he played a whole lot better tonight [17 points, 9 rebounds, 1 block], but I’m still waiting to see him make an impact early with the starting guys still out on the court.

Chalmers came back to earth with his performance tonight, but was still effective, netting 4 steals on the evening.

Overall, I’m pleased with what I saw tonight, and Hope they can expand on this win and get something going. Fundamentally, they have a run-n-gun style team that I like, and If they can couple that with the defensive mentality they’ve had, they can be a formidable opponent on most any night. Of course, they’re still a little small down low, but in today’s game, you can get away with that if you have the speed and grit that both Marion and Haslem possess.

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