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There is a popular song that says there is no sorrow heaven can’t heal and no pain that Jesus can’t feel. Jesus, the one and only son of God, our brother, was once human. He experienced many of the troubles of this life that we face today. But, he never gave up. Jesus wept, cried, and was angry when he heard of the death of Lazarus. Tears are the most reflective sign of our emotions. A sign in which words need not accompany, which allows an onlooker to “feel” that person’s pain even without knowing the origin. A tie that binds just like the tie that binds us to our savior. When no one understands, He does. When no one seems to relate, He does. When no one can fix it, He can. Like Mary, we should take our burdens to Him. Take it all to Him. In the time and manner He sees fit, He will call to you and tell you to rise. Ears to hear when He speaks. A shepherd to his sheep.

Jesus and Lazarus – John 11:35-37, 40, 43

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