Groundhog Day Reboot

I don’t know – I’ve always sort of had an affinity for Groundhog Day. It dates back to when I was a kid, waking up, watching Punxsutawney Phil, wondering whether he would see his shadow or not, never quite understanding the ramification of the vision either way. That, or it could be that my birthday happens to be February 2nd. Yeah, I think it’s the latter.

Anyway, I’ve given a lot of thought recently about what direction I’d like to take this site in year 28 of my life. For most of last year I spent every free moment working on the Christian Acappella Music Awards which gave me a lot of time to think about the state of Christian Acappella Music, and more specifically the idea of ministry marketing. To this effect, my goal for 2009 had initially been to, of course, find better ways to do things in my life. A mantra of sorts, basically encompassing the idea that I would spend a lot more time visualizing the various situations that arise and strategically developing systems of management for their solution.

I would like to work on building solutions that aid Christians, or perhaps, allows them to pursue productivity more completely. I’ve given a lot of thought to projects I would like to begin working on and see them through their completion perhaps in the first quarter of the year.

Oh, that brings me back to the whole Idea of Groundhog Day. I generally wait until February 2nd every year to begin my resolutions work for the new year, because:

  1. February 2nd, like I have previously stated, is my birthday, thus allowing me to always take the month of January and primarily use that as a continuation, in my mind, of the previous year. And,
  2. Well, there really is no number 2. I just really like to begin on the 2nd of February every year.

So, the reboot has a lot to do with the idea of me actually having a focus for this year, a manner in which will hopefully allow for me to be more progressive in the solutions I present. We’ll see.

Good Times//

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