Day One


James 1:8 – A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Meditation – discipleship is a choice; in it, you have to make a decision. Either option A or B; but, not both. At some point in this journey, you have to show proof that you are sure of what you say you want. Whatever the situation; however those around you might react; whatever the decision might be; you have to be confident in it. If we aren’t, we leave too much room for the devil to manipulate the situation, leading us to doubt everything we believe in. The moment we show any sign that we aren’t fully committed, we open the door for satan to present another option to us, one that most certainly will look more appealing in the short term, one that will appear easier to handle, one that will ultimately take us off the path of righteousness. Consider this; our steps can only be ordered by the Lord if we are faithful enough to let him lead us. He cannot lead us if we aren’t sure that we want to follow him. Let today be the day where the commitment is made to follow the Lord absolutely, with no reservation. Be sure.

Fit For The KingdomLuke 9:57-62

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