Brotherhood Configuration, Part Deux

Part of the purpose of developing my brotherhood model is to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of ministry on the local level. I’ve been looking over massive amounts of numbers, both with this particular project, and for the music ministry guide that I produced earlier this year, and am beginning to better understand the makeup of the church as a whole, it’s concentration and its mark. I reason that gaining a better understanding will allow for more efficiency and effectiveness in local governance of the local congregation.

I’ve once again began looking at the numbers at the predominately black congregations of the church of Christ to gain a better view of the works of the brotherhood.

Just a few thoughts:</p

  1. Of the 13,700 total congregations of the Church of Christ located stateside, there are only 91 predominately black congregations with 300 members or more.
  2. There are 103,358 members attending 998 congregations in the southern and northeastern regions of the United States.
  3. In the southern and Northeastern regions of the US, there are four states which have no predominately black congregations of the Church of Christ (Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont).
  4. There are 3 states with at least 100 congregations in the 2 regions studied – Alabama (118), Tennessee (141), & Texas (231).
  5. There are 7 states which have fewer than 10 congregations statewide – Connecticut (2), Massachusetts (3), New Jersey (9), Pennsylvania (6), Delaware (2), Virginia (7), and West Virginia (1).

Numbers reflected Here.


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