While i’m busy trying to finish the development of the new ministry tools i’ll be releasing this weekend [hopefully], I’ve been thinking a lot about what things I would like to use myself. I mean, it’s one thing to build a bunch of pieces for other people to use, and yet, another thing altogether to build offline applications that I myself would like to use.

One such item is a bible study tool that I could use while doing my bible studies. I’ve looked around at various products that people have and most seem to be electronic solutions that include the bible software and some sort of concordance for referencing. This, of course, gets me to thinking of what it would take to develop a simple bible studying solution. To this I’ve looked at the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible and the concept behind it.

Basically, you have a starting text, say Matthew 1:1 and a chain that follows of various topics, say birth. I’ve figured that the bulk of my studying tends to be in a linear fashion, one thought leading directly to another, so that the first scripture noted has a direct-correlation with the last scripture of note.

Now, in building a note sheet, I figure that any “chain” is basically going to have a starting point and may have anywhere from 5 to 10 texts in succession. Of those texts I note, perhaps I will probably take notes on half of them, so that on a chain of 10 texts, I will probably take an actual note on 5. In developing my study sheet, I’ve picked 5 as a good enough number to work with. It gives me enough space to where I can freely note various passages in my studying, but also has few spaces enough that I won’t get carried away with thoughts. I’m thinking that a filled sheet with 5 scripture notes and a chain of 10 texts is probably as deep as I would like to go in a daily, structured bible study.

Finally, I think there needs to be a contextual organizing structure, a way to categorize my note sheets for later referring. But, for now I’ll file that away.

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