CAMA Planning – Week 2

In last week’s post, I ran down the list of accomplishments for the week, looking at the things we had begun to do in the planning of the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards. This week, I figured I’d write about the things we didn’t quite get a handle on, and our ability to reconcile those problems that are seemingly on the horizon.

In terms of show planning there is generally a sense of wanting to simply take the formula that worked and duplicate that over and over again. The shows in 2006 and 2008 were overwhelming successes in terms of planning and execution, and so there is that desire to place the same emphasis on those things that worked for us. The main problems with doing so are 1. The Logistics suggest that we’re playing with a different beast in Atlanta, and, most importantly 2. Show #10 has to be our best. I state point number two, not because it’s seems over the top, but because there really is no room for a slip up in planning or executing CAMA 2010. It really does need to be our best program.


I’ve begun to dissect the map of Georgia [click graphic to enlarge], breaking down every one of the 159 counties and developing a strategy for marketing in those areas that have the highest concentration of congregations. I plan to develop similar maps of Florida and Tennessee, though those will be secondary to the Georgia map and rely primarily on information that I already have stored. In the past 6 months I’ve been able to collect an extensive amount of information on churches in the South and Northeast regions of the United States and hopefully this will suit us in our future planning.

Now, going forward, there is a need to begin looking at the management of the promotions at The Southeastern Lectureship as well as some local marketing opportunities in Jacksonville in November and other concerts in the northern part of Florida. As I continue to develop the protocol for submissions for 2010, I already know that there will be 30 categories in 2010, including the Rubal Lifetime Achievement Award, Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. Outside of those, I think every other category is in play at this point as we look at the best fits for 2010.

As I continue to redevelop the new Media guides for 2010, here are the guides from 2006-2008. They’re in PDF Format, for easy downloading

  • [download#5#nohits]
  • [download#6#nohits]

In addition, I also produced a first edition music ministry guide on the behalf of NACAMA that was not released. We decided to continue developing material and produce a greater volume. But here is what was created.

  • [download#7#nohits]

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