CAMA Planning – Week 1

In that it’s now October, the weekend is starting to come together the way it was initially envisioned. Time now for the planning and development aspects of the Christian Acappella Music Awards. We’ve already decided upon the Event Weekend Performance parameters.

Event Logistics

As has been decided, the 2012 Christian Acappella Music Awards will be held in Nashville, Tennessee. My choice was Miami, Florida, but, ultimately, the feeling was that the market could sustain a program of this size and the overall location was central enough that our ticket-purchasing base would be enticed to attend.

Pricing is always a major concern for any event. CAMA, because of its nature, requires extreme care when dealing with pricing. So, in preparing to develop a revenue model for the 2012 weekend, here’s where we are in terms of weekend pricing.


I’ve finished a first drafts of the promotional logo for the 2012 Awards.

We’ll see how those look in a week or two as we begin to develop our first promotional campaign for November, 2011. That’s where we are after some initial planning for the 2012 show. Pricing and Branding are always main points for us, and hopefully we’ll be able to settle on a couple of ideas soon.

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2012 CAMA Wrap

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