CAMA Planning – Week 1

At the close of the week, I figured I’d post some sort of update on the status of the 2010 Christian Acappella Music Awards. The past 2 weeks have been very productive in terms of overall strategic development.

In short, the following are what have been accomplished this week:

  • We’ve secured the site for the 2010 show, and, in addition have also worked out plans to have a backup site in the event that we need extra seating.
  • The Hotel contract has been signed. The event will be held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Atlanta.
  • A Tentative weekend event schedule has been written, and a more substantial event schedule is currently being produced.
  • We’ve begun mapping out our marketing strategy for the weekend.
  • We’ve decided that 2010 CAMA Marketing campaign will debut at the Southeastern Lectureship in this October.

In addition to those things, I began looking at a pretty simple pricing strategy, based on single priced tickets and tiered pricing for various dates of tickets purchased. Just like 2008 where we gradually raised the price of tickets as the year went on, I think a similar strategy will work fine on 2010. The one major concern will be the distribution and the processing of ticket orders in 2010, but we’re still a few months away from that being the major issue going forward.

Overall, I feel that we’re off to a pretty decent start. Seeing that we have a little more than 14 months to plan and manage the entire weekend, I like where we stand today. The next week will see hopefully a couple of things occur, namely, our first drafts of the advertising for the ’10 show [’10 just doesn’t feel the same as perhaps a ’09, or an ’08… Oh well] as well as a possible reworked pricing structure for the entire event.

I am working on revised copy of the CAMA Media Guide with information from the ’08 show reflected, and this should be completed by Tuesday at the latest, in addition to a couple of changes to the official site before we totally redesign in for November, ’09. So, we should be busy for a few weeks until we get the committees together who will work on the show. Until then, God Bless.

Good Times!

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